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Bewerbung & Beantragung der Immatrikulation

Bewerbung & Beantragung der Immatrikulation

How do I apply for a course of study? You want to apply for a course of study that is centrally allocated by the Foundation for Higher Education Authorisation?

Self-registration information for

Self-registration information for

Applying at FAU

Dear applicants, is the FAU application portal for undergraduate degree programmes and doctoral studies.

The online application process consists of three steps

1. Click Register now to start self-registration via the FAU Identity Management System (IdM). We will ask you to provide details that we need to create a user account for and send you a confirmation e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to activate your account.

2. After you have activated your account, you can log-in to on the top right of the page and apply for your chosen subject under Online Application.

3. During Online Enrolment, we will ask for some details relating to your enrolment and you will be able to print your Enrolment Application. You will need when you enrol in person.

Hilfe und Kontakt

Hilfe und Kontakt

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