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Please read the following information carefully before submitting your application to ensure you do not make any mistakes. No corrections may be made to your application after the application deadline.

For the winter semester 2022/23 the application period begins on 15 June 2022 and ends on 15 July 2022. Students at the University may apply for an FAU Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship) for the period from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023. Funding amounts to 300 Euro per month and is initially granted for two semesters which – provided that the funding conditions are still met and funding is available – can be extended annually until the end of the standard duration of the degree programme upon application. Half of the funding (150 Euro) is provided by companies, foundations or private individuals with the second half being provided by the German Federal State.
Who can apply?
All students enrolled at FAU.
How are candidates selected?
The most important criteria assessed are your academic achievements in your degree programme. Applicants in their second semester or above must have an average grade of 2.00 or better;
Apart from the academic achievements, specific personal circumstances can also be taken into account. These include, for instance, stays abroad relevant to your studies, voluntary work at the University (or in politics or society) as well as special individual circumstances. More detailed information is available at https://www.fau.de/studium/vor-dem-studium/studienfinanzierung/fau-deutschlandstipendium/ and on the official Deutschlandstipendium website www.deutschlandstipendium.de.
You are only eligible for a scholarship if you meet the criteria above and are not currently receiving another scholarship amounting to more than 360 Euro per year.
When does the scholarship end?
The scholarship will end at the end of the month in which
  1. you complete your final examination achievement,
  2. you discontinue your studies,
  3. you change your degree programme,
  4. you take leave (exception: stays abroad),
  5. you are de-registered,
  6. the requirements are no longer met,
  7. the standard duration of studies expires,
  8. you are awarded another similar scholarship amounting to an average of 30 Euro per month or more (not including BAföG)
Do I need to submit a cover letter/letter of motivation?
Yes, in the appropriate field in the online application (maximum 2000 characters).
Information to include in your cover letter
  1. a short description of yourself
  2. motivation for studying your degree programme
  3. why you should be awarded a scholarship, etc.
Please provide more detailed explanations of any of the applicable 'yes/no' fields from the application form (e.g. voluntary work, personal circumstances) in your cover letter.
This information can only be considered for your application if proof is submitted with your application (uploaded as PDF files). If you do not yet have proof at the time of application, you may submit it later via e-mail (support-stipendien@fau.de).
Christoph Hammrich

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Halbmondstraße 6-8, 91054 Erlangen

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