Your Query … Our Solution …
What is my user-ID („Bewerbernummer“) It is the ID stated in your letter of admission.
What was my password („Passwort“) again? It is simply your birthday in the format we us in Germany DD.MM.YYYY (so May 13th in 1997 transfers to 13.05.1997; don’t forget the dots)
My favorite date is not available? Choose another date instead, please.
Where do I have to show up on the date booked and what documents do I have to bring? Please check here.
I can’t recall the date I booked. Just log-in again and you will see your booking.
I missed the date I booked. Just log-in again, cancel your missed booking and select a new date. But this time, please show up in person, thanks!
Can I cancel a date and book a new one instead? Sure: Just log-in again, cancel your booking and select a new date. And please show up in person on time, thanks!
Can somebody else appear in my place at the registrar’s office to do the enrolment for me? Sorry, no! You can’t appoint any legal agent because have to show up in person yourself.
I missed the deadline for enrolment stated in my letter of admission. That might cause a severe problem if you had an admission to a subject with limited number of places (“numerus clausus”). Please immediately contact the bureau that issued your admission.